Let’s get on boat and sail, pull the spinnaker, let’s gybe! We think important to acquaint people the traditions of sailing and help them to choose the most suitable boat, whether it’s for family trips or for racing. Different kinds of boats need various treatment and knowledge therefore boats’ material is always individualized. Boats we build are always custom-built. From the beginning until the boat goes onto water we keep in touch and cooperate with the future owner.

40-feet skerry cruiser

A new 40-feet skerry cruiser for Lake Balaton is being under constructions, with modern cell-sandwich structure.

A real luxury boat! For individual needs it will include a kitchen, a shower and an inbuilt motor. In designing the interior the only limit is imagination. Besides keeping the main element, the choice of the cover layer depend on the costumer  it could be traditional wood or modern plastic.

Length: 15 m Length os mast: 15,5 m
Width: 2,45 m Capacity: 8 person
Draught: 1,8 m Beds: 6 person
Weight: 4500 kg Motor:

20 LE

Picula 24

In 2012 a missing link was born. It’s a handy boat for bigger trips and also as fast as a race-boat. The Picula 24 is easy and fast to set up and thanks to the imaginative shaping it has a spacious deck so it’s ideal for families as well as group of friends.

“First of all it was designed for every day sailing, but it’s also optimal to go for a trip for about 2-3 persons. It’s proper for competitions in its class, in my subjective opinion it’ll cope with other boats in competitions.” - Farkas Litkey

Length: 7 m Max. sail area: 80 m2
Width: 2,65 m Capacity: 6 person
Draught: 1,4 m Motor: 4-10 LE
Weight: 1100 kg    


Every ex-competitor thinks important that the new generation get to know sailing. “Pille” is so popular among youth, it’s a handy and fast small boat. Pille is the perfect way to begin sailing on competition level. The used technologies can be traditional or the most modern.

“Because I was also a competitor I was determined to design a boat for children by which they can acquire the basics of sailing.”    -Pálinkás Csaba

Length: 3 m Boom 2 m
Width: 1,20 m Sail area 4 m2
Mast height: 4 m Weight 50 kg