In the workshop wide spectrum of renovation and reparation mechanism is used, whether it’s wood made, plastic or a carbonic boat. Bigger renovations which need more care and precision usually last from season to season and engross the workshop’s capacity. Along with this we provide fast and professional help to sailors and their damaged boats to return to the champions’ and sailing’s world as fast as it’s possible.

In case of wood boat:

  • changing the dry-rotten parts of the keel
  • changing the backboard
  • fixing the deck construction
  • building the cockpit
  • building teak cover
  • building slip-free surface
  • UV-resistant lacquering on the full surface of the boat

In case of plastic boats:

  • osmosis prevention
  • fixing gel roughness
  • lamination of the layout
  • painting, varnishing, polishing,
  • decoration, painting the waterline
  • antifouling