Csaba Pálinkás alias Picula

The German Yacht magazine ownership became Verlag Klasing & Co Ltd.'s. on 6th September in 1923; there was published an essay about the 30m2 class, the L-Boot’s original in the new Yacht magazine (35/36 publishing).

Pille - Aqua magazine - 2004

The constructor of the boat; Csaba Pálinkás is well known of being the saviour of the old skerry boats of Lake Balaton.

L-bote, 30 feet binnenkieler

The class celebrated its 90th birthday in this year. The 22 feet binnenjolle was popular class in Hungary. The L-boote didn’t succeed as much even though it was popular with contemporary German sailors.

Aqua magazine

It’s 1942. Although the war was raging on everything was moving in a rut at Lake Balaton.

The “Goldboat” affair

The Balatonfüred Dockyard was lack of wood, but the formal foreign secretary called Endre Gáll mahogany was transported from Switzerland.

Ancient jolles’ kieler

Tabu originally was built from various kind of wood. According to the building habits in that times under the waterline it was built from oak and above the waterline it was made from mahogany.


By 1987they were sailing together. At this time Gyuri Holovics made a model of the boat in his garden. From this model ware made the “brothers” of Tabu called Vita and Domino

The last reconstruction

After some years the last reconstruction was finished in 2005. The cockpit became bigger and the cabin was remade so it became more comfortable and practical.