Csaba Pálinkás alias Picula was born in 1965 in Székesfehérvár.

The passion of sailing began when he started sailing on Lake Velence at VVSI when he was 10 years old. He achieved great results in Hungarian as well as on international ranking.

In 1982 he reached the 5th place on Lake Starnberg then in 1983 he finished in 2nd place at the European Championship in 420-class with Gyula Nyári.

In 1982 and ’83 he got to be the Great Young Sportsman of the Year. Then he graduated from the College of Physical Education and became a sailing coach. Later he was a sailor of the Videoton SE under coach of András Lovas.

Through the military he didn’t stop sailing (Laser, 420-class) and by the end of the 80’s he became a sportsman of Videoton SE. After the summer season in winters he worked on renewing, maintaining and preparing boats for competitions. During this time he got the profession of building smaller ships and boats. Further on he continued improving his knowledge of shipbuilding.

In 1991 he established his own company in Királyszentistván with a workshop which still works under his direction. Picula is the father of three sons who are already addicted to sailing.

Beside the works related to boats he didn’t give up sailing, he was there when the first Libera was put on water in Hungary and he was also member of the Garuda SE for a short time. He cropped up at Laser, 8MOD and traditional competitions as well as at the TBS Grand Prix. In 2006 he won the Single hand sailing championship, and he’s the 1st on the all-time ranking. He’s multiple national champions and has friendship with the “Tabu Team” for about a decade. www.tabuteam.hu

He dedicates his company and his experience to build and renovate more and more traditional or modern boat.